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We produce the best work in concrete & landscaping in St George, UT.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Mowing, concrete stamping, fertilization, sprinklers, irrigation, we can handle all of your concrete and landscaping needs and save you the hassle of having to do it yourself. No Job too small or too big.

However, You should know we don’t really consider ourselves landscapers, but rather artists. In our eyes every yard is a blank canvas. It is our goal to make something special, a yard that reflects your personality. Now if you just want us to replace your grass with gravel so you can save on a water bill we can do that too.

Choosing the right Material

Why Concrete:

Design flexibility – It can be cast in nearly any form and can be stamped, stained, dyed or colored.

Durability – Concrete is a very durable and long lasting product. It can endure extreme weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. It is also safe from the abrasion of heavy patio furniture.

Economy – Compared to other paving materials like brick or stone, concrete is often much more cost effective because it’s easier to install.

Why  Pavers:

Design – There is a large variety of design options and colors, and pavers always look incredibly neat and tidy.

Convenience – Pavers are easy to repair and they allow access to utilities that may be buried. This is very useful if you ever plan to renovate

Durability – Resistant to heavy weight and harsh weather and far less cracking than concrete. Ideal if building pathways near large trees. 

Why Natural Stone:

Variety –The biggest benefit is diversity. Natural stone products encourage almost limitless design potential. What you do with stone is as ultimately up to your imagination.

Unique –Design projects should stand.  Natural stone is a distinct building material it can’t be copied, manufactured, or faked.
Value – The value in natural stone is beyond a monetary measure. It involves longevity, ease of maintenance, permanence that extends far beyond the initial investment.

Our Happy Clients

“Excellent job! A friend who previously hired blue spruce suggested I use this company to do some much needed yard work around my home, I have to say I was so pleased! They went above and beyond what I expected, they were always on time and kept the mess contained while trimming trees and bushes Ect… and finished the job within a great time frame! The price was so affordable as well. I highly recommend using this great company! Thank you blue spruce!"

-Andrea Nuttall

"Always a courteous experience. Very active in customer satisfaction, whether thru online social media or in person. Great service and results…will rec to anyone!"

Bill E Hately

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