Concrete landscaping can be a very versatile material to work with when designing outdoor areas of your home. There are a variety of types of concrete you can use for many different projects, one of which is stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete can add value and appeal to your home, especially when installed correctly. It’s a great way to save energy and money, and it’s an excellent long-term investment. At Blue Spruce Landscaping & Concrete, we’re professionals when it comes to stamped concrete. We can install it for a variety of purposes, including patios, sidewalks, driveways, and more.


Stamped concrete, or textured or patterned concrete, is a type of concrete that is imprinted to look a certain way. It can be made to look like stone, wood, slate, tile, flagstone, brick, or slate. This gives you flexibility with what you want while also providing durability. Not only does it give you the flexibility to decide what your concrete will resemble, but you can customize colors and patterns as well to make it your own! At Blue Spruce Landscaping & Concrete, we’re stamped concrete experts and only use the highest quality concrete for all our stamped concrete projects.


Stamped concrete is extremely durable and adaptable, which makes it great for many different projects. Some projects that you can use stamped concrete for include:

  • Patios
  • Sidewalks and pathways
  • Driveways
  • Pool decks
  • Decks
  • Courtyards
  • Entryways

Stamped concrete isn’t limited to the above list, though. It can be used in a variety of outdoor projects, depending on what you’re doing and where you want it. There’s no limit to the creativity you can use in personalizing it.


If you have any questions about stamped concrete, review these frequently asked questions.

Can stamped concrete be installed in residential and commercial properties?

Yes. Stamped concrete can be installed in both types of properties and makes a great choice and investment no matter what type of property it is being installed in.

Will the color of stamped concrete fade?

When stamped concrete is colored, the entire internal slab is colored, which allows for the color to remain longer and reduces any fading. When used with sealers, fading is minimal and isn’t likely to happen for a very long time.

What are the advantages of stamped concrete over other types of materials?

Stamped concrete requires relatively low maintenance when compared to other materials such as wood, brick, and tile. It also is extremely durable and can last a long time, which helps to increase your property value.

What patterns are available for stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete comes in a variety of patterns, including ashlar slate, cobblestone, Italian granite, random stone, square slate, Roman slate, French slate, square tile, and more. Ask us about our pattern options!

Can cracks be prevented?

While cracks can be naturally occurring and happen over time, in the preparation of installing stamped concrete, the process includes precautions to prevent cracking. The durability of stamped concrete helps prevent cracking, in addition to the proper subgrade preparation and correct cutting.

Can stamped concrete be driven on?

Yes. Not only is it safe to drive on stamped concrete, but it makes a great material to use to install a stylish driveway.

Does stamped concrete require high maintenance?

No, stamped concrete doesn’t require high maintenance. To keep your stamped concrete in the best condition, it should be power washed twice a year and be resealed every one to two years.


If you’re ready to start discussing the specifics of your stamped concrete project, contact us today. At Blue Spruce Landscaping and Concrete, we can help you customize your stamped concrete at affordable rates. From color to pattern, we’ll help you pick out the perfect stamped concrete for your project whether it be for your patio or driveway. Contact us today to speak to our experienced professionals to discuss what you would like!

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