An inviting, meticulous landscape sets the tone for your home or business and its equally luxurious indoors. No idea is too extravagant for our team of professional landscapers at Blue Spruce Landscaping & Concrete! Our team will work with you to bring the perfect landscaping design to life.

Blue Spruce provides the highest quality landscaping in St. George and the surrounding areas. If you want to build a unique walkway, paved parking area, outdoor deck, patio, or firepit, we have the manpower and the expertise. We can do it all. For boulders, rock features, water features, specialty gardens, ponds, outdoor lighting, and more, choose Blue Spruce!

Landscaping St. George Services

Boulders & Rock Features

A boulder or rock garden adds an extra dimension and depth to your landscape. It’s a low-maintenance and interesting element that holds the eye, especially if there is some aesthetic lighting around it. The Blue Spruce team does both rock gardens and beautiful lighting in St. George, Utah, and the surrounding area.


Gravel is an important part of any rock garden and dryscape. It helps “plant” the rocks and concrete pathways—the gravel is strewn around to ensure the bigger stones or concrete slabs hold their position and don’t shift.


Bricks are layered around water features or dryscapes to form pathways and various geometric designs. They are an affordable, easy, and effective way to fill a space or lead the eye in a certain direction. They can also be used to create an outdoor firepit.

Irrigation Systems

All water features, ponds, specialty gardens, and any landscaping with plants and grass need an irrigation system to water them and drain the excess. St. George also gets a fair amount of rainfall in the summer. If the excess water has no place to go, it could rot the roots of the plants and create fungus on the rocks. Our landscaping comes with an irrigation system that ensures that plants, succulents, grass, ponds, and water features all get just the right amount of water to keep them working at their full capacity.


Flagstone pathways add a rustic, fairytale feel to a garden landscape. A flagstone walkway, strewn with succulents and shrubberies along the way, creates images of days gone by, filled with magic and promise.


Laying sod instead of turf or planting seeds means you can have a beautiful, green lawn almost instantly. There is no waiting period for seeds to grow, and it is affordable as well.

St. George Landscaping Design by Blue Spruce

A beautiful landscape takes effort and a careful eye for detail. Fortunately, Blue Spruce Landscaping & Concrete has both in spades! Our team of professional landscapers can help your St. George home or business landscape looking like it’s straight from a storybook. If you’re ready to transform your landscaping, contact us to get started in St. George and the surrounding areas today!

Other Services


Concrete doesn’t have to be boring when you work with Blue Spruce Landscaping & Concrete! We can craft beautiful colors and patterns for new or existing concrete in St. George and the surrounding Southern Utah areas. Our professionals know how to stain, seal, and stamp concrete to give you eye-catching designs for driveways, patios, walkways, aprons, basketball courts, footings, retaining walls, and more! Contact us to discuss your residential or commercial concrete project needs today!

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